COVID-19 Information

Effective Thursday, March 26th, 2020, the Drive-in Windows at our Stigler location will close at 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday until further notice.  In addition, our Quinton and Red Oak locations will close early on Friday afternoons, at 4:30 p.m. until further notice.  Our Saturday hours will remain the same. 
Effective Friday, March 20th, 2020, the lobbies at our Quinton, Red Oak, Stigler and Eufaula locations will be closed until further notice.  Here's what you need to know. 
1.  We are not closed for business.  We will be staffed to serve our customers during normal hours.  We will just be adjusting how we serve you in order to follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC.  We can serve you by drive-in, phone, ITM, online or mobile channels. 
We made this decision with our employees' and customers' safety in mind, and after talking with other local bankers that we trust who are putting similar procedures into place. 
Your funds are safe and secure with Farmers State Bank, and insured by FDIC insurance.  Our financial condition is strong, and your local bank is still the safest place for your funds to be.  To learn more about FDIC insurance, click here.  
Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to ensure that you're getting the latest updates about our services.  Our Facebook page is here and our Twitter page is here.  
2.  If you do need to come into one of our lobbies, please call us at (800) 600-7117.  We will take appointments for visits during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday should you need to conduct business that requires you to enter the bank.  We ask for appointments in order to control lobby traffic.
3.  We have drive-in windows available at our Quinton, Red Oak and Stigler locations, and you can do just about any transaction that you need through them.  Click here for the drive-in hours.   
Please be patient with the increased drive-in traffic - more complicated transactions should be conducted through the first lane, if possible, with simpler, faster transactions taking place in the 2nd lane and 3rd lane (at the Stigler location).  If you endorse your checks, complete deposit slips, and/or write down instructions for our tellers, it will really streamline the process.  
At Eufaula and Stigler, you can do most any transaction at our Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), and if you have any problems, a Teller can assist you through the ITMs.  Learn more here.  
In addition, we have Night Depositories at each location, for any deposits or payments that need to be dropped off after hours.  
4.  We also have digital channels available for many of your transactions.  You can check balances, make transfers and loan payments, make remote check deposits, pay bills and transfer money with FSB P2P with our FSB Mobile Banking App.  Learn more about our FSB Mobile Banking App and all the conveniences available with it here.  
5.  We have eSign service available for most any type of documents that require signatures, so your loans and new deposit accounts, as well as stop payments, deferrals and other services can be completed through email.  
6.  If your income is affected by everything that's going on, we're here to help.  Call or email one of our lenders to discuss the situation.  We will work with you to get through this.  To get connected with a lender, email us at or call us at (800) 600-7117.
People to Contact
To discuss your checking, savings, CD or IRA accounts, contact one of the following staff members:
Lou Ann Knell - - (918) 469-2765
Megan Scanlon - - (918) 469-4135
Brooke Burdick - - (918) 469-2630
Nakisha Ingle - - (918) 792-2095
Kay Read - - (918) 792-2094
Kellie Hamilton - - (918) 552-3854
Chrissy Joslin - - (918) 967-1025
Paula Freeman - - (918) 618-9523
To speak to one of our lenders, contact one of the following staff members: 
Cody Allen - - (918) 552-3852
Shirley Russell - - (918) 469-3337
Nakisha Ingle - - (918) 792-2095
Mason Gilmore - - (918) 552-3856
Jake Henson - - (918) 967-1025
For all other inquiries, or if you're unsure of who you need to speak to, you can email us at or call us at (800) 600-7117.
What can we do to help you?  
If you find yourself in financial difficulty, we want to help. That's why beginning today, Farmers State Bank has implemented a one-time Insufficient Funds (NSF) fee refund per account for those affected by COVID-19. No questions asked. If your account is charged an NSF fee, just give us a call at (800) 600-7117 or email us at
If you are experiencing financial difficulty due to COVID-19 and have a loan with Farmers State Bank, our Lending Staff is here to help you find a deferral option that fits your situation. In addition, should you accrue late fees due to COVID-19, Farmers State Bank will waive up to two late charges per loan. Have questions? Set your mind at ease, call or email today - (800) 600-7117 or

Helpful Resources 
To learn more about disaster assistance available through the U.S. Small Business Administration, visit this site -
To report economic damage to your small business as a result of the affects of COVID-19, visit this site -
For information about COVID-19, visit the CDC website at
Please be very careful - there are scams going on right now - people are taking advantage of this situation.  If you have any doubts about a web link, an email, a text or a phone call, please do not click on them or respond to them.  You can learn more at the Federal Trade Commission website at  
The State of Oklahoma's COVID-19 information and resource webpage is here - 

Statement from our President, Chris Jordan
These are unprecedented times that we’re all experiencing together. I want to assure you that FSB is committed to keeping the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities a top priority.
Farmers State Bank, and community banks in general, are strong and well-positioned to effectively deal with this rapidly changing environment. We’ve worked through challenging times before and have stood by our customers’ side during those times, and we’ll be there through this trying time also.
If you have any questions please give me a call. 
Thank you.
Chris Jordan, President & CEO