Notify Me Alerts

Be in the Know with Notify Me Alerts!

Notify Me Alerts allows you to set up notifications by text or email for the following items:
• Account balances
• Overdrawn status
• Account Balances Higher than a threshold set by you
• Account Balances Lower than a threshold set by you
• If a check number you have designated clears your account
• Deposits More than a threshold set by you
• Transactions More than a threshold set by you
• Loan Payment Past Due Status
Notify Me Alerts are free, so staying informed could not be easier.
Getting set up with Notify Me Text Alerts is a two-part process. The first part involves enrolling your mobile phone number so we can send text alerts. If you prefer to receive email alerts, you can skip this step.
Enabling Text Alerts
The first part of the process is to enable Text Alerts by enrolling your mobile phone number. This part of the process has to be set up within Online Banking, rather than your FSB Mobile App.

1. First, log in to Online Banking at
2. Once logged in to Online Banking with your username and password, you will click on the “Alerts” tab to the right of the “Welcome Center”.
3. Click on “Settings” to update your contact information to receive Alerts.

4. You will need to add a mobile number if you don’t have one already. Once you have added a mobile number by updating your contact information, a link will appear to the left of the mobile number titled “Enroll to receive text alerts*”. You will follow the enrollment process to enroll for text alerts.

5. If you do have a mobile number, then you will simply click “Enroll to receive text alerts*” and follow the enrollment process.

The second part of the process is setting up which Alerts you’d like to have, and this part can be done in Online Banking or on your Mobile Banking App.
Setting up your Notify Me Alerts in Online Banking
To access Notify Me Alerts options, log into your Online Banking & follow the steps below:
1. Click the Alerts icon at the top of the page and select "Set up new alerts to keep on top of your account activity."

2. In the Contact Information for Alerts section at the top of the page, you can see how alerts can be sent to you. Your primary email address is always shown. When you have entered a secondary email address or mobile phone number, they are also shown. If you wish to receive alerts by text message, you can click on "Enroll to receive text alerts*".
3. Below the Contact Information section is a section with three sub-tabs - Account Activity Alerts, Messaging Alerts, and Security Alerts. Select a sub-tab to list the available alerts of that type and access their editing options.

• Account Activity Alert editing options – Edit all alerts on all accounts at once using the "Edit Account Activity Alerts" action from the "I want to" menu in the sub-tab header. To edit individual alerts, use the links in the sub-tab’s "# of Accounts Selected" column or the "Edit" action in an alert’s I want to menu.
• Messaging Alert editing options – Edit delivery modes for all messaging alerts by clicking "Edit Messaging Alerts" in the Messaging Alerts sub-tab "I want to" menu.
• Security Alert editing options – Edit delivery modes and other settings for all security alerts by clicking "Edit Security Alerts" in the Security Alerts sub-tab "I want to" menu.
Setting up or Changing your Notify Me Alerts in your FSB Mobile Banking App
1. Log into your FSB Mobile Banking app.
2. At the bottom of your screen, tap on the "More" icon.
3. Tap on "Manage Alerts".
4. Choose the Account that you wish to receive alerts for.
5. Tap on each Alert type to set up the parameters of the alerts.
6. Set your Alerts for each account you want to receive them for.