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Forms & FAQ

You have a couple of convenient options for check reorders.

First, you can reorder your checks online. Through our partnership with Main Street Checks, you can select and order the same check style that you currently have.

To ensure the security of your checking account, we don't allow address changes through this link. If you need to change your address information or if you have questions, please call us at (918) 469-3337.

By clicking on the Main Street Reorder link below, you'll be leaving our site and entering Main Street Checks' website. When you've completed your check order, you can return to by closing the Main Street window.

If you need to change the information (phone or address) on your checks, or if you'd like to choose a different style of checks, please note the changes on the Check Reorder Form from your last check order and drop it by any of our locations.

Or, if you don't have that form available to you, you can complete and print the Check Reorder Form, and mail or bring it by any of our locations.
If you're setting up a direct withdrawal or deposit on your account, you'll need our Routing/ABA Number - it is 103104874.
For Debit Mastercards: Call the 24-Hour Helpline at (800) 383-8000 immediately to report a lost or stolen Mastercard.

During business hours, please call Farmers State Bank at (800) 600-7117 or visit one of our locations to order a new card.
Yes, each of our locations has at least one Notary Public on staff available to assist you. Please be sure to bring your valid, unexpired Photo ID with you during our lobby business hours.
Yes - if you're not currently a customer of Farmers State Bank, we require two forms of identification in order to verify your identity. The primary ID should be an unexpired photo ID, such as a state-issued driver's license or state ID card, or a U.S. Government-issued Passport. For your secondary ID, we accept various forms of identification as long as they correspond to the primary ID. For more information on our identification requirements, please call one of our Customer Service Representatives.
Changing banks can be intimidating. There are many things to consider like direct deposits and automatic bill payments. That's why Farmers State Bank has created an easy to use resource called a Switch Kit.
If you're receiving a wire from an account at another bank, please be sure to note the following information.  Farmers State Bank charges a $15.00 fee for incoming domestic wires that are received through the proper channels.  International incoming wires or wires that are not sent through The Bankers Bank will be subject to additional fees.  In addition, the bank from which the sender is initiating the wire may charge a fee.  

We receive wire transfers through our correspondent bank, The Bankers Bank.  

Further information regarding our account at The Bankers Bank: 
  • The Bankers Bank's ABA or Routing Number is: 103003616
  • Farmers State Bank's Account Number with The Bankers Bank is: 10487
  • Special Instructions may include:  Further credit to Farmers State Bank, Customer Account # (insert the account number at Farmers State Bank where the wire should be deposited)
  • The address for The Bankers Bank is: 9020 N May Avenue, Suite 200, Oklahoma City, OK  73120
First, we want to urge extreme caution when it comes to sending wire transfers.  Fraud perpetrators often require wire transfers from their victims because once you send a wire, you cannot get it back in most cases.  Make sure that you are sending wire transfers to legitimate recipients.  If you're unsure, please talk to us prior to sending a wire.  

If you wish to send a wire transfer, we first need a Wire Agreement Form from you.  A Farmers State Bank employee can provide this form.  If the outgoing wire transfer is to a bank in the U.S., we charge a fee of $25.00.  If it's going to a bank outside of the U.S., the fee will be a minimum of $50.00, dependent on where it's sent and the fees charged by the receiving bank.  

In order to send a domestic wire transfer, there's some basic information that you'll need to provide to us.  We'll need the Beneficiary's name, address and account number, in addition to the receiving bank's name and routing number. 

Once you have completed your Wire Agreement and collected all of the wire recipient information indicated above, please call or visit us to discuss the initiation of your wire transfer.

Wire transfers must be funded with cash, or a check or withdrawal from a Farmers State Bank with sufficient, available funds.  

For foreign wires, we'll need additional information - please call us for more details.  

Main Bank: (918) 469-3337

Red Oak Branch: (918) 754-2215

Haskell County Branch: (918) 967-1025

Eufaula Branch: (918) 618-9520