Close up of two hands exchanging a credit card to pay

Miscellaneous Services & Fees

Accountholder Fees

  • Stop Payment Fee: $27.00
  • Insufficient Funds - Item Paid or Returned: $27.00
    This fee will be imposed for any NSF funds item paid or returned, including checks, ACH, Point-of-Sale, ATM/ITM Withdrawals, In-Person Withdrawals, or any other means.
  • Account Verification Fee: $5.00
  • Garnishments & Levies: $10.00
  • Account Closing Fee: $5.00
  • Charge-Back Check Fee: $5.00
  • Cashier's Check Fee - Per Check Fee: $3.00
    We only sell Cashier's Checks to Farmers State Bank customers.
  • Account Reconciliation - Per Hour Rate: $10.00
  • Research & Reproduction of Account Documents & In-Bank Research - Per Hour Fee: $25.00
  • Dormant Account Fee - Per Month Fee: $5.00
  • Night Deposit Agreement, Bag & Key: $25.00
  • Imaged Copies - Statements/Checks - Per Page Fee: $1.00
  • Bank Money Bags: $5.00 for small $10.00 for large
    Non-commercial customers. We give a limited number of these to our commercial customers at no charge.
  • Internet Banking Bill Pay - Per Month Fee: $5.95
    Free for Kasasa Cash, Kasasa Cash Back, Kasasa Tunes & Kasasa Saver accountholders.
  • ACH Origination Fee - Per Origination File Per Customer Fee: $5.00
    This fee is waived for some Commercial customers initiating payroll files & for customers who are originating payments for Farmers State Bank loans.
  • Positive Pay Service - Per Month Fee: $50.00


  • Incoming Collections: $20.00
  • Outgoing Collections: $10.00

Wire Transfers

  • Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer: $15.00
  • Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer: $25.00
  • Outgoing or Incoming International Wire Transfer: $50.00*
    * Wire Transfer fees to foreign countries could be adjusted, according to what we are charged by Bankers Bank.
  • Incoming Federal Reserve Wire Transfers: $80.00

Mastercard Debit Card

  • Offsite ATM/ITM Transaction Fee - Per Transaction Fee: $1.00
    This is a fee charged when a customer uses their FSB Debit Mastercard at an ATM/ITM not owned by FSB. On Kasasa Cash, Kasasa Cash Back and Kasasa Tunes accounts, up to $20 per month of these fees are refunded.
    Note that the ATM/ITM owner may impose a fee as well.
  • Card Limit Increase Fee: $10.00
    Most cards have up to $500 ATM/ITM withdrawal limits and up to $1,000 Point-of-Sale withdrawal limits, for a combined total of $1,500. We can increase these limits, but charge this fee each time the limit is increased.
  • Foreign Card ATM/ITM Transaction Fee: $3.50
    This is a per-transaction fee charged at our ATM/ITMs on card transactions that aren't FSB Debit Card-initiated.

Other Services

  • Copies - Statements or Other Documents - Per Page Fee: $1.00
  • Incoming Fax Charge - Per Sheet Charge: $1.00
  • Outgoing Fax Charge - up to 2 sheets: $5.00
  • Outgoing Fax Charge - Over 2 Sheets - Per Sheet Charge: $1.00
  • Non-Customer Check Cashing Fee: 1% of check
    $5.00 minimum/$20.00 maximum
  • Notary Fee - Waived for accountholders: $5.00

Kasasa Protect Service

  • Kasasa Protect for Kasasa Accountholders - Per Month Fee: $7.00
  • Kasasa Protect for Other Accountholders - Per Month Fee: $9.00